About inroadz

We at inroadz enable international companies to explore the Indian market in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. inroadz acts as a facilitator for these brands to help them showcase their premium products without worrying about regulatory compliances and localized marketing efforts.

inroadz empowers buyers to holistically manage purchasing operations. We help them research, connect, evaluate, and negotiate their purchases on one platform. At inroadz, we are passionate about investing in technology and serve you sincerely to make your life easier.

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Our advantages

Why inroadz?

India being a vast country is progressively becoming the top retail destination for international brands. The promising consumer characteristics and different languages spoken. Hence comes the need of a local partner to implement localized strategies. At inroadz, we provide an integrated end-to-end solution from ordering to payments for our partner brands, ensuring a seamless flow of operations.

inroadz acts as your in-country partner, thereby reducing costs and catalysing sales and at the same time providing data analytics to have a greater control and visibility in day-to-day sales and in-country operations.

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Our Platform

Platform Features


Companies get advisory, operations and regulatory support while the buyers get access to new brands thriving in international markets.

Connect & Transact

Establish real-time business relations with thousands of buyers providing country-wide retail presence to partner companies.


Eliminate handwritten purchase orders and reduce costs by leveraging digital catalogs, updated instantly with launch of new products or brands.

Brand Awareness

Create a strong brand equity through localized digital marketing techniques as well as traditional marketing strategies targetting Indian consumers.


Integrate with your local ERP and accounting systems. Choose from various logistics providers to simplify the ordering and fulfillment processes.

Customer Experience

Ensure repeat purchases by creating a delightful customer experience through a hassle-free ordering ecosystem which enables organic growth in sales

Data Analytics

Enriched dashboards help in providing in-depth analysis of your transactions, performance, customer promotions and data driven forecasts.

Strategic partnerships

Partnering with new-age companies in areas of freight, warehousing, distribution and payments enabling all partners to streamline business activities.

24x7 support

Committed professionals to provide help to brands and distributors in various areas such as order tracking, interactive quotes, post-sales support etc.

Our Partners

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